已進入第二階段 - 義務長者及照顧者探訪

Memory. Gift.
The 3rd Rotary Hong Kong Microfiction Competition
entered the 2nd Phase - Volunteer Visits to Seniors and Carers

關於回憶。禮。About Memory. Gift.

以三個章回的微小說, 作為送給長者與其照顧者的禮物
Give a senior and his/her carer a gift of microfiction!


而今屆將延續第一屆的中心思想, 以認知障礙症長者及其照顧者的生活點滴為主題,讓年青人更深入了解認知障礙症所帶來的挑戰。

Rotary Hong Kong Microfiction Competition was launched in August, 2019. This is the third year we are running the event. In the first year, the theme focused on the joy and challenges of dementia seniors. Last year, we looked at the life lessons and wisdom of the seniors. This year, we will expand further on the theme of dementia, to look at the life of a dementia senior and his/her carer.

參賽組別 Categories:
青少年組-中文 Youth Category (Chinese Entries)
青少年組-雙語 - 中文及英文 Youth Category (Bilingual - Chinese & English Entries)

創作主題 Theme: 
Snapshots of Life of a Dementia Senior and His/Her Carer

作品形式 Format:
三個章回,每個章回字數為15 字,包括表情符號 (不包括標點符號)
3 Chapters, 15 words per Chapter (including emoji's, excluding punctuation marks)

我們鼓勵參加隊伍結合文字創作, 設計/視像效果及電子平台應用三方面進行創作
Participating teams are encouraged to integrate creative writing, design and visual effect, and the use of digital platform into their works

此活動由以下機構合辦 Organizers: 
  • 香港新世代扶輪社 (Rotary Club of Neoteric Hong Kong) 及
  • 蘇豪香港扶輪社 (Rotary Club of SoHo Hong Kong)
並獲以下夥伴機構支持 Supporting Organizations:
  • 香港認知障礙症協會 (Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association)
  • 656照顧者好幫搜 (656carer.com)
  • Elite Holistic Development Ltd. 及
  • here.fm 
關於回憶。禮。About Memory. Gift.

義務探訪長者報名表 Volunteering Registration

獎項及評審標準  Prizes & judging criteria

1.  比賽獎項 Prizes

English Entries:
Best Microfiction Award
Best Story Award
Best Articulation Award

最佳視覺表達獎 Best Visual Presentation Award
最佳電子平台運用獎 Best Use of Digital Application Award
最積極參與獎 Best Engagement Award
網上最受歡迎作品獎 Most Liked Online Award (by Voting)

2. 評審標準 Judging Criteria
故事結構 Story Structure
主題呈現 Relevance to Theme
文字傳意 Articulation
視覺表達 Visual Effect
參與積極性 Engagement and Reliability
電子平台應用 Use of Digital Platform

3. 評審團 Judging Panel
中文作品 (排名以姓氏筆劃順序)
米哈 (作家, 研究學者)
林正財醫生, SBS, JP (安老事務委員會主席)
岑偉宗先生 (作詞人)
陳心遙先生 (電影監製及編劇)
馮珍今女士 (作家)
黃凱茵教授 (香港認知障礙症協會)
嚴楚碧小姐 (設計師)

English Entries (in order of last name)
Dr. Peter Jordan (Drama Practitioner, Educator and Theatre Historian)
Dr. Lam Ching-Choi, SBS, JP (Chairman of the Elderly Commission)
Professor Sin King Kui (Dean of Arts and Humanities, UOW College HK)
Ms. Tina Villareal (Higher Education)
Prof. Gloria Wong (Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association)
Mr. Ken Wong (Cultural Development)
Ms. Rabi Yim (Designer)

比賽須知 Competition Rules

恭喜你們已參加「回憶。禮。」第三屆香港扶輪微小說創作比賽。今屆創作主題 為認知障礙症長者及其照顧者的生活點滴。
Congratulations! Your team has enrolled in The Third Rotary Microfiction competition. The Theme this year is Snapshots of Life of a Dementia Senior and His/Her Carer.

比賽活動時間表 Activities and Timetable

16/10/2021 網上簡介會及培訓 Online Briefing and Training
11/2021 to 1/2022  義務探訪及網上會談活動 Volunteer Visits to Seniors and Online Interviews with Carers
16/1/2022  呈交故事主角基本資料 Submission of Information about the Main Character
6/2/2022  呈交作品 Submission of Microfiction on here.fm
26/3/2022 頒獎禮 Award Ceremony

以下為重要資訊 Important information about the Competition as follows:

1. 長者探訪活動 (每組必須派員參加)  Volunteer Visits (Each Team must send in representatives)

大會已安排以下探訪活動, 希望透過這些活動 組員能夠增加對認知障礙症長者及其照顧者的狀況及生活體驗, 以及獲取微小說創作的靈感。每組必須於10月25日前報名參加以下活動。
To provide opportunities for you to get to know dementia seniors and their carers, we have arranged the following activities. Hopefully these visits will give you inspirations to your microfiction story. Each team must enrol in one activity by 25 October 2021.

a) 義務家訪長者, 探訪長者日間中心或深度訪問長者照顧者 Volunteer Visits to Seniors, Day Care Centres or Deep Interviews with Carers
請注意探訪前 學生需出示已接種預防新冠疫苗兩針之證明 或 有效新冠病毒陰性檢測報告。
名額有限, 報名從速, 先到先選探訪日期Please take note that before the visit, each student need to show evidence of two jabs of Covid-19 vaccination, or negative test result of Covid-19 test.
20/11, 6/12. 18/12, 23/12, 24/12, 28/12, 31/12/2021 & 2/1/2022

請注意探訪前 學生需出示已接種預防新冠疫苗兩針之證明 或 有效新冠病毒陰性檢測報告。Please take note that before the visit, each student need to show evidence of two jabs of Covid-19 vaccination, or negative test result of Covid-19 test.

照顧者網上討論 656carer.com  Join 656carer.com forum to talk to carers
由即日起至12月31日, 參賽者可於 656carer 特設的參賽同學發問區 https://656carer.com/forums/topic/31229/ 與照顧者於網上討論及交流。
參賽者請到 https://656carer.com/sign/register/ 登記。 The online discussion period with the carers will last till 31 December 2021. Please register at https://656carer.com/sign/register/ and visit https://656carer.com/forums/topic/31229/ to discuss with the carers.

2. 提交長者主角資料 Submission of Information of the Main Charater
參賽隊伍必須於 1/1 及 16/1/2022 期間提交微小說主角資料
Please submit the information of the main character between 1 January and 16 January, 2022

3.微小說規格規定  Format Requirements of Microfiction
a. 每個參賽小組只能在同一個語文組別提交一個作品
Each participating team can submit only one entry per language

b. 參加雙語組的隊伍可以以同一個故事或不同故事參加比賽; 兩個語文的作品分開提交
For bilingual team, your two entries could be based on the same story or different stories

c. 作品必須分3個章回  Each microfiction should be made up of 3 chapters
中文作品: 每個章回的字數必須是15字(不多於亦不少於15字) (中文字或表情符號)
English entries: Each chapter should contain up to 15 words (English words or emojis)

d. 作品必須呈現於here.fm 電子平台
All entries should be presented on here.fm

作品除文字外, 可以利用視覺效果增加傳意效果  Visual Presentation would be an important element of the microfiction as well
  • 字體款式和大小  Font Type and Size
  • 擺放位置  Where you place the Text
  • 背景顏色和字體顏色  Background Colour and Text Colour
  • 字的排列  Text arrangement

f. 字數計算方法 Word Count Approach :
  • 標點符號計算在內, 亦即表示標點符號不限數量  Punctuation marks are not included in the word count
  • 參賽者在創作中可以利用表情符號Emoji , 一個表情符號計算為一個字  Each emoji is counted as one word
  • 參賽者可以自由決定是否為每個章回加一個標題, 但必須注意標題的字數將會計算在15字內  You may add a title to each chapter, however the title is included in the word count
  • 數字的處理: 請注意以下計算方法   Word Count for Expressions of Numbers" - please take note of the examples below

數字的處理 (中文作品):
如果參賽者以阿拉伯數字代表一個數字, 一個年份, 一個月份, 一個日子, 數字將被計算為一個字
3 - 字數: 1; 三 - 字數: 1
30 - 字數: 1; 三十 - 字數: 2
33,300 - 字數: 1; 三萬三千三百 - 字數: 6
3% - 字數: 1; 百分之三 - 字數: 4
1986 - 字數: 1; 1986年 - 字數: 2; 一九八六年 - 字數: 5
11月 - 字數: 2
23日 - 字數: 2
23/11/1986 - 字數: 1; 一九八六年十一月二十三日 - 字數: 12
3:00 - 字數: 2; 3時 - 字數: 2
3:30 - 字數: 2; 3時半 - 字數: 3

Expressions of Numbers (English Entries):

If participants express a number, a year, a month, a date, etc in numerals, it will be counted as one word
3 - Word Count: 1; Three - (1)
33 - (1); Thirty-Three - (2)
33,300 - (1); Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred (5)
3% -(1); 3 percent (2)
1986 - (1); Nineteen Eighty-Six (2)
23/11/1986 - (1) ; November 23rd, 1986 (3)
3:00 (1); 3 o'clock (2)
3:30 - (1); Three-Thirty - (1); Half Past Three - (3)



Rotary Club of Neoteric HK


Rotary Club of SoHo HK

香港認知障礙症協會 HKADA



Elite Holistic Development Limited



656 照顧者好幫搜 656Carer.com




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